Groupidea Sample Uses

To overcome challenges and improve things, organizations have been outreaching to its members since years. They have been using tools like suggestion boxes, whiteboards for idea post-its, and group brainstorming sessions. Groupidea is a new powerful tool that can be used for the same purpose, but opens up new possibilities. It allows users not only to share ideas privately or publicly, but also to analyze (break down) problems and goals that may span from personal, to company specific, to global ones.

Sample Company Quests

Ways to: Achieve a better product? Foster collaboration in the workplace? Increase productivity of the engineering team? Increase manufacturing capacity? Reduce costs? Increase sources of revenue? Increase customer retention? Reduce waste of electric energy in the office? Achieve a better customer service? Increase the customer base? Increase motivation of employees? Increase brand awareness? Foster word of mouth promotion? Ensure positive social impact on the community? Reduce environmental impact? Achieve strong company culture? Increase productivity of weekly meetings? Increase profit margins? Ensure proper training of employees? Increase customer satisfaction?

Sample Company Quests: Reduce Costs of Toy Manufacturing, and Reduce Wait Time at Fast Food Restaurant

Sample Global Quests

Groupidea enables translating goals into actions that can be implemented. Goals can be as large as the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals or as apparently small as the goal to "Increase Comfort of a Bicycle Saddle". These are other examples (click on any to explore it):

Sample Global Quests: Increase Bicycle Use for Transportation, and Increase Protection Against Head Injuries in Bicycle Accidents