• Label image for Adoption of Edible Six-Pack Rings
    This would allow the rings to be biodegradable (by the action of micro-organisms), compostable, and edible to animals, after the rings are disposed.
    Last Post 20-May-16 - Started 20-May-16
  • This allows rings to break down and decompose by the action of bacteria or other biological means, thus reducing the environmental pollution and the risk of animal being entangled in six-pack rings.
    Last Post 20-May-16 - Started 20-May-16
  • Label image for Entanglement of Animals with Six-Pack Rings
    A wide variety of marine animals and birds have been found entangled with plastic six-pack rings, which may suffocate the animal in some cases. Since 1989, the laws of many countries require plastic six-pack...
    Last Post 20-May-16 - Started 19-May-16