Quest Fields
  • Environmental Studies and Forestry
  • Health Sciences
  • Biological Engineering
Quest Industries
  • Health Care Providers
  • Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
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to incidence of respiratory illnesses
  • Emissions of Carbon Dioxide
    • CO2 Emissions in Electricity Generation
      • CO2 Emissions from Coal Power Plants
        • Carbon Capture from Coal Power Plant
      • Adoption of Solar Power Stations
        • Adoption of Concentrated Solar Thermal Power Stations
        • Adoption of Photovoltaic Power Stations
      • Adoption of Wind Farms
      • Adoption of Hydroelectric Power Stations
    • Car Traffic Congestion
      • Car Traffic Demand
        • Bicycle Use for Transportation
          • Adoption of Bicycle Sharing Systems
        • Occupancy of Private Vehicles on the Road
        • Spreading Car Traffic Accross the Street Grid to Alleviate Traffic from Major Roads
        • Percentage of Commuters Commuting with Public Transportation
        • Unnecessary Trips that Congest Transportation Systems
      • road capacity
    • Fuel Efficiency of Transport Airplanes
      • aerodynamic efficiency of transport airplane airframe
        • form drag of transport airplanes
          • adoption of mid-wing in transport airplanes
        • induced drag in airplane wings
          • aspect ratio of transport airplane wings
        • skin friction drag of airplane airframes
          • adoption of laminar flow wing in propeller airplanes
        • Interference Drag in Airplanes
          • adoption of wing root fairings
      • fuel efficiency of airplane engines
    • Waste of Energy at Home
      • energy efficiency of indoor heating
        • Adoption of Programmable Thermostat Schedules
        • Sunlight Absorption of Building Roofs in Cold Weather
      • energy efficiency of indoor cooling
        • Adoption of Programmable Thermostat Schedules
          • Ease to Set Thermostat Schedule
          • Remote Adjustments to Thermostat Setting
        • adoption of vertical gardens in building exteriors
        • Sunlight Reflectance of Building Roofs in Hot Weather
          • Adoption of Temperature-Responsive Polymer Coating for Roof Tiles