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Solutions Implemented to Reduce/Increase CO2 Emissions in Electricity Generation

  • Label image for PS10 Solar Power Plant
    In operation since 2007, the PS10 is the world's first commercial concentrating solar power plant to use tower technology. It comprises 624 heliostats (large...
    Last Post 06-Oct-15 - Entered 25-Oct-14
  • Label image for SEGS - Solar Energy Generating Systems
    SEGS was the first solar power station to commercially adopt Parabolic Trough technology. It consists of nine Concentrated Solar Power plants located in...
    Last Post 06-Oct-15 - Entered 12-Jul-15
  • Label image for Solana Generating Station
    Solana is the first commercial concentrated solar power plant in the United States to use molten-salt thermal energy storage. It can generate power at maximum...
    Last Post 06-Oct-15 - Entered 15-Jul-15
  • Label image for Alta Wind Energy Center
    Located in Kern County - California, the Alta Wind Energy Center is the largest wind farm in the world (as of 2013), with a generation capacity of 1,548 MW. It...
    Last Post 06-Oct-15 - Entered 01-Nov-14