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Solutions Implemented to Reduce/Increase Car Traffic Congestion

  • Label image for Waze App
    Waze is a GPS-based navigation app for sharing real-time traffic and road information. It is community-based, as each user with the app open in the background of...
    Last Post 06-Oct-15 - Entered 27-Oct-14
  • Label image for London's Cycle Hire
    The official public bicycle hire system of London, UK. It allows subscribers or anyone with a credit or debit card to rent a bike at any docking station, and...
    Last Post 06-Oct-15 - Entered 20-Feb-15
  • Label image for Zimride App
    Zimride is a web application for carpooling that targets college, university and corporate communities, allowing verified classmates, faculty, coworkers or staff...
    Last Post 06-Oct-15 - Entered 31-Oct-14
  • Label image for Lyft App
    Lyft is a web and mobile application for connecting passengers who need a ride with drivers having a car. It primarily allows drivers to offer a service similar...
    Last Post 06-Oct-15 - Entered 31-Oct-14
  • Label image for viaCycle Bicycle Sharing System
    viaCycle eliminates the need for special docking stations by installing in each bicycle an automated lock, and a GPS tracking system. The system aims at...
    Last Post 06-Oct-15 - Entered 22-Feb-15
  • Label image for BitLock Electronic Lock for Bicycle
    BitLock allows eliminating physical keys, while also enabling multiple authorized users to share a bicycle. The lock senses the proximity of a user within 3 feet...
    Last Post 06-Oct-15 - Entered 07-Apr-15
  • Label image for Waze Rider App
    A mobile application for carpooling developed by Waze, a Google company. Waze Rider learns frequent routes taken by Waze app users (such as daily commutes to/from...
    Last Post 11-Feb-16 - Entered 07-Aug-15
  • Label image for Hovding Airbag for Cyclists
    An airbag worn around the neck to replace the traditional bike helmet. Through advanced sensors, Hovding senses the cyclist's movement patterns and inflates in...
    Last Post 21-Jan-16 - Entered 14-Jan-16
  • Label image for SoBi Social Bicycles
    SoBi provides bikes integrated with a GPS-enabled smart lock that allows users to find a bike and unlock it through a smartphone. Compared to conventional bike...
    Last Post 08-Feb-16 - Entered 08-Feb-16
  • Label image for Closca Fuga Bike Helmet
    A foldable bike helmet made up of three molded foam sections arranged concentrically and hinged together. The Closca Fuga collapses to a 2.36 in. height by...
    Last Post 31-Mar-16 - Entered 08-Mar-16
  • Label image for POC Octal Bike Helmet
    The Octal design approaches ventilation in a unique way. Instead of using many small vents, it has fewer but larger ventilation slots. It allows more air to flow...
    Last Post 01-Apr-16 - Entered 09-Mar-16
  • Label image for Carrera Foldable C Bike Helmet
    The Foldable_C is made of hard shell strips joined by adjustable bands that stretch horizontally to fit the cyclist head, and compress to reduce the helmet's...
    Last Post 01-Apr-16 - Entered 31-Mar-16
  • Label image for Overade Plixi Folding Helmet for Cyclists
    Plixi's hardshell folds inward through the displacement of multiple moving parts hinged together. The folded helmet's volume is one third of the unfolded one,...
    Last Post 01-Apr-16 - Entered 31-Mar-16
  • Label image for Copenhagen Wheel for Bicycles
    A system that turns regular bikes into electric powered ones using the energy of pedaling stored in a battery that then powers an electric motor when most needed....
    Last Post 22-Oct-16 - Entered 23-Apr-16
  • Label image for FlyKly Smart Wheel for Bicycles
    An electric-assist wheel that can simply be installed on a regular bike, to provide a boost when needed. It fully integrates a 250W electric motor, a lithium...
    Last Post 24-Oct-16 - Entered 22-Oct-16