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Solutions Implemented to Increase/Reduce Protection Against Head Injuries in Bicycle Accidents

  • Label image for Hovding Airbag for Cyclists
    An airbag worn around the neck to replace the traditional bike helmet. Through advanced sensors, Hovding senses the cyclist's movement patterns and inflates in...
    Last Post 21-Jan-16 - Entered 14-Jan-16
  • Label image for Closca Fuga Bike Helmet
    A foldable bike helmet made up of three molded foam sections arranged concentrically and hinged together. The Closca Fuga collapses to a 2.36 in. height by...
    Last Post 31-Mar-16 - Entered 08-Mar-16
  • Label image for POC Octal Bike Helmet
    The Octal design approaches ventilation in a unique way. Instead of using many small vents, it has fewer but larger ventilation slots. It allows more air to flow...
    Last Post 01-Apr-16 - Entered 09-Mar-16
  • Label image for Carrera Foldable C Bike Helmet
    The Foldable_C is made of hard shell strips joined by adjustable bands that stretch horizontally to fit the cyclist head, and compress to reduce the helmet's...
    Last Post 01-Apr-16 - Entered 31-Mar-16
  • Label image for Overade Plixi Folding Helmet for Cyclists
    Plixi's hardshell folds inward through the displacement of multiple moving parts hinged together. The folded helmet's volume is one third of the unfolded one,...
    Last Post 01-Apr-16 - Entered 31-Mar-16