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Solutions Implemented to Increase/Reduce Fuel Efficiency of Transport Airplanes

  • Label image for Piaggio P180 Avanti Aircraft
    A high-speed twin-engine turboprop transport airplane featuring an unconventional three-lifting-surface configuration and push propellers. The P180 configuration...
    Last Post 06-Oct-15 - Entered 21-Dec-14
  • Label image for Windowless Aircraft Concept by CPI
    In this early concept from the Centre for Process Innovation, airplane windows are replaced by full-length screens allowing views of the outside world. Its main...
    Last Post 09-Apr-17 - Entered 09-Apr-17
  • Label image for IXION Windowless Jet Concept
    The concept eliminates the windows from the cabin and uses external cameras to display the exterior environment on flexible OLED screens, which cover the walls...
    Last Post 10-Apr-17 - Entered 10-Apr-17