Featured Quest
Quest Fields
  • Law
  • Architecture and Design
  • Civil Engineering
  • Public Administration
  • Social Work
Quest Industries
  • Gas, Water and Multi-utilities
  • Construction and Materials
  • Waste and Disposal Services
  • Household Goods and Home Construction
  • Health Care Providers
Do you know an effect of achieving this Quest?


to the right to adequate housing
  • eradication of extreme poverty
  • universal access to sanitation
  • universal access to electricity
    • cost of electricity
      • Waste of Energy at Home
        • energy efficiency of indoor heating
          • Adoption of Programmable Thermostat Schedules
          • Sunlight Absorption of Building Roofs in Cold Weather
        • energy efficiency of indoor cooling
          • Adoption of Programmable Thermostat Schedules
          • adoption of vertical gardens in building exteriors
          • Sunlight Reflectance of Building Roofs in Hot Weather
  • Protection against illegal forced evictions
  • Availability of affordable housing
  • Habitability of housing
    • Slums upgrading
  • Universal Access to Drinking Water
    • Safety of Drinking Water
      • Contamination of Water Sources
      • Treatment-Purification of Water
        • Adoption of Municipal Water Treatment
        • Adoption of Point-Of-Entry Water Treatment
        • Adoption of Point-Of-Use Water Treatment
          • Adoption of Personal-Portable Water Filters
    • Access to Freshwater in Populated Areas