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  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
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  • Electricity


to Adoption of Concentrated Solar Thermal Power Stations
  • Adoption of Parabolic Trough Solar Thermal Collectors
    • Solar Reflectance of Parabolic Trough Reflectors
    • Heat Losses of CSP Parabolic Trough Receivers
      • Adoption of Glass Envelope in Solar Parabolic Trough Receiver Tube
        • Adoption of Vacuum in the Receiver Annulus of Solar Parabolic Troughs
  • Intermittency of Concentrated Solar Power Stations
    • Adoption of Supplementary Natural Gas Boiler in CSP Stations
    • Thermal Energy Storage in Concentrated Solar Power Stations
      • Adoption of Molten Salt to Store Heat in CSP Stations
        • Corrosion of Molten Salt Storage Tanks
      • Adoption of Steam Tanks for Thermal Storage in CSP
  • Water Consumption in Concentrated Solar Power Plants
  • Adoption of Central Tower Technology in Concentrated Solar Power
    • Number of Birds Flying into the Solar Flux of Solar Power Towers
      • Adoption of Avian Sonic Deterrent Systems in Solar Power Towers