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    Tatuador Consciente is a Brazilian organization that uses real doctors to train tattoo artist to help prevent skin cancer. The training enables tattoo artists to...
    Last Post 11-Nov-15 - Entered 25-Oct-15
  • Label image for viaCycle Bicycle Sharing System
    viaCycle eliminates the need for special docking stations by installing in each bicycle an automated lock, and a GPS tracking system. The system aims at...
    Last Post 06-Oct-15 - Entered 22-Feb-15
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    An initiative of the Africa, Caribbean and Pacific Secretariat, funded by the European Commission and implemented by UN-Habitat. It was launched in 2008 with the...
    Last Post 24-Sep-15 - Entered 16-Dec-14
  • Label image for Alta Wind Energy Center
    Located in Kern County - California, the Alta Wind Energy Center is the largest wind farm in the world (as of 2013), with a generation capacity of 1,548 MW. It...
    Last Post 06-Oct-15 - Entered 01-Nov-14