Operation Diagram - PS10 Solar Power Plant
Operation Diagram - PS10 Solar Power Plant

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  • Description: Heliostats concentrate sunlight to the tower receiver (a forced circulation radiant boiler) to heat water and produce steam at 40 bar - 250 deg.C. The steam drives the turbine generator to produce electricity. Part of the steam can be stored in tanks, offering a backup to maintain output in cloudy conditions.
  • Source: http://www.trec-uk.org.uk/reports/ps10_final_report.pdf
  • Source info: Image from Final Technical Progress Report "10 MW Solar Thermal Power Plant for Southern Spain" from November 2006. Project Co-ordinator SolĂșcar.
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Operation Diagram - PS10 Solar Power Plant's Implemented Solutions

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    In operation since 2007, the PS10 is the world's first commercial concentrating solar power plant to use tower technology. It comprises 624 heliostats (large...
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