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Groupidea Brainstorm
Groupidea is a web app that empowers people to collaboratively identify and analyze problems, and brainstorm for solutions. Organizations and companies can create private or open collaboration groups to find ways to continuously improve.

Break down problems and goals, and brainstorm using tree diagrams that interconnect

Groupidea Sample Quest Tree Diagrams

Groupidea gives you unprecedented flexibility on the interconnections you can make. It allows you to interconnect multiple problems to multiple solutions, and navigate from objectives to actions and vice versa. This is possible because Groupidea stores information in a “graph data structure” like this one:

Groupidea Sample Quest Graph Data Structure

Explore existing solutions and find out what problems they tackle and how

Groupidea Sample Implemented Solution Quests Page

Help companies and organizations discover new problems to address and new solutions

Groupidea Sample Implemented Solution Organizations Page

Collaboratively build a knowledge base of identified problems/objectives and existing solutions

Groupidea Sample Quest Implemented Solutions Page
Groupidea Cycle
  • Light Bulb Icon Break Down Objectives & Brainstorm
  • Group Icon Get Companies/Organizations Involved
  • Flask Icon Explore Implemented Solutions

Be Part of the Solution!

Groupidea Sample User Profile Page
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